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Why Switching To Organic Products Like Masks Is Key To A Sustainable Life?

When we speak of organic products, the first thing that comes to mind is food and grocery items. While this is crucial to reduce the carbon footprint of the world there’s a much bigger mandate for organic products that need attention.

Organic Products Saving the Earth

Organic products are a way to make life sustainable on this planet. It’s not just eating fresh produce nurtured in a natural way without any chemicals or pesticides but the overall lifestyle change which requires organic products in our personal care, health & nutrition and apparel. Only when we achieve this holistic use of organically produced daily products in life can we become sustainable.

Organic products are those created naturally without the use of any chemicals, or artificial processes. Thus it reduces the carbon footprint of production and manufacturing. However, these might be expensive as they take a longer time to produce and the yield is low.  Any kind of organic products be it food, apparel, health & nutrition products is low in yield when farmed. So organic farming needs more land which eventually accelerates the climate change problem as the demand for organic products increases. But this outweighs the role it plays in saving biodiversity which in turn reduces deadly disease outbreaks like COVID-19.

Taming the Plastic Pollution

So, with a holistic approach of switching to organic products in every product we use in life is the future of sustainable living. The cost might not be that much attractive as other regular products but in the long run it’s more cost effective and as the demand picks up the price comes down. A classic example of this is organic masks which are slowly coming into limelight.  As we battle the twin evils of pandemic and pollution masks become an essential part of life.

But these huge pools of discarded surgical masks and other masks are choking up the planet.

They are clogging the ocean like a drain escalating the Microplastic problems. In fact, researchers estimated that 1.56 billion masks ended up in the oceans in 2020 adding 4,860- 6,240 tons of extra plastic waste into the oceans.

Researchers circling the Soko Islands thought that they would find a couple masks on the beach but they found as many as 70 masks within 100 metres in February 2020.

This nightmare worsened as more mask mask pollution came to limelight all over the world. As the pandemic progressed more and more masks choked rivers, lakes and oceans in 2020.

According to an estimate these huge piles of masks that are entering the ocean will take 450 years to degrade

Reducing the Carbon Footprint

With organic masks you are saving both yourself and the marine creatures. It also helps in reducing the huge carbon footprint of manufacturing tons of masks every day. Today mask production has doubled all over the world.

Earlier a third of the world’s masks were produced by China but today every country is manufacturing masks.

China alone increased its annual mask production from 5 billion in 2019 to 10 billion in 2020.

Research shows that the world uses 129 million masks and 65 billion plastic-containing gloves every month most of which enter the oceans.

Imagine that many masks filling in our oceans and land!

It’s as if we have recreated the old fable of the Frankenstein monster once again and this time the piles of discarded masks is the monster – a Frankenstein Mask Man. This  Frankenstein mask monster is eating out the planet bite by bite – one plastic mask at a time which is its evil teeth.  The only way to tame him is to disarm his teeth – the plastic and other chemicals used in masks.  With an organic mask you take away the monster’s ability to kill your home, your planet, your food.

EOLO Gives You A Breather

Keeping this in mind, EOLO – the Earth Only Lives Once, launched organic masks which you can comfortably reuse for a longer period and reduce the pollution and biodiversity destruction of the planet. EOLO Market’s holistic approach is to help you with making this green shopping switch is a safe, secure and economical way. That’s why we have launched an all-inclusive green shopping e-commerce platform where you get all eco-friendly products. EOLO truly believes that the Earth Only Lives Once like us and we have one chance to save it, and for that we need these sustainable, Made in India organic products such as locally made organic masks.

The mask is just the beginning, the ultimate goal is to bring organic solutions to that holistic level that makes our daily lives carbon neutral and that’s why we are exploring organic clothing, organic food, organic medicine supplements and many other things.

So, let’s mask up India and show the world how to do it organically without destroying the planet.

EOLO is there for you to tame the mask monster.



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