Disposable Kitchenware

What It Means To Have Eco-friendly Disposable Kitchenware?

In today’s time the biggest challenge to sustainable living are disposables, especially disposable plastic plates, spoons, forks and cutleries. From New Year’s Eve parties to local picnics to small get-togethers to large restaurant chains, every one of us find it to be the most economic and viable daily fix in our lives.

But is it really that viable?

Every year 27 million disposal plastics end up in landfills. in 2018, the world created 35680 tons of plastics of which 3090 tons were recycled, 5620 tons were combusted and the rest 26970 ended up in landfills, reveals epa data. Compared to 1960 when 390 tons of plastics were generated and put into the landfills, this is nearly 100% increase in plastic pollution.

Of this most of it comes from disposable kitchenware. Things which could have been easily avoided if we invested in greener alternatives for easy to use plastic disposables.

Disposables – A Lifesaver That Needs To Change

True, disposable kitchenware is an absolute necessity. It’s a modern day lifesaver. Nobody wants to indulge in wasting hours to wash and clean dozens of dishes every day. But are plastic disposables the only solution?

Surely, disposable kitchenware is a Messiah but this Messiah needs to be an all round saviour for the planet as well, not just a quick fix solution for us.  So, instead of cheap plastic disposable plates and cutleries we can conquer the world with naturally made chemical free disposables crafted from plants like bamboo, sugarcane, areca leaf, banana leaf etc. Unlike the plastic and the styrofoam plates these are natural biological elements that can easily decompose, leaving no trace in the ocean, land and air. We are practically reducing both waste and pollution by using these.

Viability of Eco-friendly Disposables

Remember our old traditional ways of eating out from a banana leaf. Well, that could turn ultra modern and save our planet from destruction. Plates, dishes and cutleries made of bamboo, sugarcane, areca leaf etc are manufactured by our gifted artisans which can be easily used in our daily life.

  • Moreover such types of utensils are known to enhance the flavour that’s why more and more people are veering towards it these days.
  • Added to this, the recent environmental battle against styrofoam, a harmful component of disposable plates and containers has made people aware of these sustainable alternatives.
  • Today, more and more people in the West are banning styrofoam and other disposable plastics from the market and encouraging the use of eco-friendly healthy alternatives that reduce our carbon footprint.

True, many of them may not match the prices of your regular disposable kitchenware.

But it’s not just about the price but longevity as well. Many of us tend to use disposables for a longer time, say 1-2 times more than just throwing away instantly. Your plastic disposable plates might not be apt for that but sometimes materials made of sugarcane and bamboo can be used more than once.

Moreover, the prices are not that high if you buy in bulk and also it varies as the demand goes up.

So, as more and more businesses and social gatherings are opting for eco-friendly disposable plates, the demand is increasing. One clear example of this is how the prices of  bamboo disposables, utensils, bottles and other products have come down recently due to a huge interest in them.

E-commerce Making It Reach the Masses

Today, many people are steering clear from piles of styrofoam plates and saran wraps. Rather they are opting for bamboo, sugarcane and even ceramic kitchenware. More often than not they don’t find all such products in one place.

That’s what EOLO Market is trying to do. Knowing that we can make a difference and people are looking for that opportunity to make it count, EOLO has launched an all inclusive eco-friendly green shopping e-commerce website (www.eolomarket.com) where you can easily get your daily fix of disposable kitchenware. Through our platform artisans and small businesses crafting these disposable plates get a global place from where they can easily sell their Made In India products to customers.

Thus, EOLO, an E-commerce venture is a 2-way street built to make these disposables reach the masses.

No matter how many you want, what material you want, we are here to serve you with the finest disposable plates made from bamboo, sugarcane, areca leaf, banana leaf.

So, whenever you are thinking of throwing a party, holding a seminar or even a get together, think of us – we will wow your audience with eco-friendly disposable plates and cutleries. And if you are from the hospitality, tourism and food industry we have all the more good news for you as you can turn away your waste worries with our finest disposable kitchenware. Just fix an appointment with us to sign an agreement for bulk orders at a discounted price.

At EOLO – the Earth Only Lives Once, we truly believe in working together for a sustainable future and that starts with YOU.


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