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Sustainable Products & Nature Conservation

nature conservation

With each passing year, we are a step closer to the mass destruction of nature and critical species because of our huge waste, pollution, and greenhouse emission activities. The situation has become even more critical as new diseases are emerging rapidly spreading far and wide. It’s not just irregular cyclones, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and droughts anymore. 

This underlines the necessity of nature conservation and to mark it, the United Nations celebrates World Nature Conservation Day every year on 28th July. 

Nature Conservation & Sustainable Development Goals

nature conservation day theme 2021

The day is dedicated to making people nature conscious and help them support conservation efforts. It need not be outright support to critical conservation groups that work in the forests and oceans but also smaller steps that foster nature conservation and sustainable living. 

That’s why this year’s World Nature Conservation Day theme is “Forests & Livelihoods – Sustainable People & Planet”.

This is completely in sync with UN Sustainable Development Goals 11 and 12 which are “Sustainable Cities & Communities” and “Responsible Consumption & Production”

By definition, nature conservation means supporting or fostering activities that prevent the degradation of nature like forest fires, coral reef degradation, deforestation, species extinction, etc.

It might appear that SDGs and conservation aren’t related but SDGs are the backbone of conservation efforts. No matter how many restrictive zones are prepared and how many plans to protect animals are made, they all fall short if their habitats are degraded. 

The primary reason for this habitat degradation is the man-animal conflict which is a result of our greed for non-eco-friendly products. These products not only pollute the habitat but also grab a fair share of natural resources as production and consumption increase. This in turn affects the tribal and other marginal groups living in the forests whose primary livelihood is making eco-friendly products from forest and trees. 

Thus nature conservation and SDGs are intertwined and it’s the only way to empower both people and nature. 

With dedicated efforts, we can break the detrimental chain of high-impact carbon-emitting industries by swiftly making a decisive act of supporting carbon-neutral ventures. This maintains the social, economical, and ecological balance of the world, and the economy is no longer pitted against the environment. 

How can you help in conservation?

nature conservation, sustainable products

As you can see, nature conservation isn’t just an extravagant act of going to a forest and saving tigers. It starts with the most basic step of protecting the air, water, and land in which nature thrives. 

And the only way to do this is to invest in plastic-free, eco-friendly local products. The more local it is, the lesser the transport emission related to it and the better it is for the local communities. 

Your purchase behaviour, especially online shopping behaviour goes a long way in aligning you towards a nature conservation path. 

The high impact  changes you can make in this regard are:

  • Going for eco-friendly products especially plant-based products like plantable stationeries, handmade soaps, areca leaf or sugarcane disposable plates, coconut cutleries, bamboo or neem toothbrushes, etc. 
  • Purchasing all your products in one go and saving the carbon footprint of transport emissions in online shopping. 
  • Reducing the use of plastic and using reusable and recyclable products like organic masks. 
  • Segregate the waste and compost it as much as possible. Take out the trash in compostable bags to reduce waste and plastic pollution. 
  • Purchasing products from eco-friendly sustainable websites which specifically cater to sustainability and local communities. 

Apart from all this, you can invest time and money in various nature conservation forums, groups, and organizations that work on the ground level to rescue and look after plants and animals. Projects like Tree adoption done by the World Wildlife Fund and coral reef and marine life adoption done by the Reef Watch Marine Conservation allow active participation of the public in conservation efforts. But be vigilant to dedicate your efforts to small local groups which don’t receive any funds and need your support in their efforts. 

Your small step isn’t that small after all. You can be a changemaker from the comfort of your home. UN’s AWorld App will help you in this regard. Download this app and measure how your activities are faring and also find out new exciting ways of doing it from tons of other users. 

Together we can conserve nature. Because we can and we will. 

How Eco-friendly Products Help in Nature Conservation?

nature conservation & ecofriendly products


Although there are vast benefits of using eco-friendly products, some of these are directly linked with nature conservation. 

1.Plantable Stationeries

Plantable products like pens, pencils, diaries, calendars, etc come embedded with seeds that can grow into trees when planted. 

So they not just foster planting and restoration activities, they also prevent deforestation for paper making, soil erosion, and forest fires. 

2. Beauty and Bathing Products

Eco-Friendly bath and beauty products like handmade soaps, cosmetics, body lotions, creams, etc prevent microplastic pollution in the ocean, coral reef degradation, and ocean toxicity amongst many other effects 

3. Eco-Friendly Tableware

Kitchen utility products like cups, dishes, spoons, forks, etc create huge plastic waste and pollute land and the ocean. Using eco-friendly alternatives like coconut cutleries, areca leaf plates, sugarcane plates saves nature. Added to that, they act as manure since they are biodegradable and can be used as compost for plantation purposes. 

4. Morning Essential Products

The regular morning essential products like toothbrushes, tongue cleaners, loofahs, etc create a lot of plastic pollution. But when substituted with plant-based neem or bamboo toothbrushes, vetiver loofahs, bamboo tongue cleaners, etc it can conserve nature by preventing nature degradation. 

nature conservation

Now that you know how impactful they can be!  Do not hesitate to invest in eco-friendly solutions that can conserve nature. It’s the best way to conserve nature, especially in this pandemic when you can’t do anything extravagant. 


Let your life be the answer. Your sustainable life – empowering cities and communities.

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