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Sustainable Health Tips for #StayHome During the Pandemic

“If the coronavirus crisis has shown us one thing, it is that our society is not sustainable. If one single virus can destroy economies in a couple of weeks, it shows we are not thinking long-term and taking risks into account.” 

These were the words of young climate activist Greta Thunberg on 2020 Earth Day. A year has passed since then and both the pandemic and the climate crisis have accelerated. 

Today, countries like India are in the grip of the second wave of COVID19. As the government works to vaccinate people and supply oxygen to the distressed, the COVID cases are rising exponentially. Even Greta made a heartbreaking tweet recently, asking for the international community to help the country. 

Environmental Crisis Creating Deadly Pandemics

Amidst all this, the connection between the climate crisis and the pandemic had become more apparent. Last year the UN Chief had said that the world should prepare for more pandemics if the climate crisis  continues and sustainable development goals aren’t met

Greta too echoed this sentiment and brought out the facts on how environmental stress pushes more species to extinction. And as species are under stress and fight for resources with humans, the viruses from their bodies are jumping onto us. That’s exactly what happened toCOVID19, where the coronaviruses from bats and pangolins jumped to humans, says the World Health Organization covid origin report  

Earth scientist, Johan Rockström underlined this when he said ” there was a strong correlation between the pandemic and the environmental crisis: deforestation and the wildlife trade heighten the likelihood of viruses leaping the species boundary”.

pollution covid

“Air pollution increases human vulnerability by weakening respiratory systems; and the expansion of air travel allows epidemics to spread more quickly” 

“The scientific evidence shows that climate change and the pandemic are interconnected and part of the same planetary crisis”.

 “We are living beyond the carrying capacity of the planet so we are putting human health and the health of nature at risk”, said Johan Rockström, Director of Potsdam Institute.

Sustainably Tackling the Crisis

As the second wave takes a toll on us, we need to make sustainable and healthy changes in life in order to be safe. 

While there’s no cure for covid19 except vaccinations, masks, social distancing and hand washing, there are some basic ways of healthy and sustainable living that can help us. 

So, while you stay at home in attempts to stay safe let’s take a look at sustainable health tips to take care of yourself. 

1.Develop Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy Eating habits


We are what we eat, especially in the times of a deadly pandemic. The only way to curtail the effects of the coronavirus is to strengthen your immune system. Food is an essential part of this. 

So, in these COVID times let go of your junk food eating habits. Instead stress on immunity boosting superfoods like moringa leaf, healthy and nutritious green vegetables, protein and iron rich food like spinach, egg, fish, oranges etc. 

Superfoods like moringa leaf, different herbs like tulsi, curcumin, neem etc are rich in essential nutrients like iron, potassium, calcium, vitamins, and high fiber and protein. 

These essential nutrients give them certain immunity boosting and germ fighting properties like antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties. 

They are quite useful for post COVID care as they relieve stress, depression. 

So, try to include them as much as you can in your diet. Even if you can’t get the time to cook, get natural health supplements like moringa leaf powder, tulsi kavach, Ayurvedic wellness kadha, Ayurvedic immune boosters, green tea etc and take them with your regular meals. 

Their natural health benefits make it ideal for all time health use, not just in the pandemic. 

2. Shop Responsibly & Monitor Your Carbon Footprint

Shop Responsibly & Monitor Your Carbon Footprint-EOLO


As we can see, the Environmental effect is directly linked with diseases like the coronavirus pandemic. So, an essential part of Taking Care of Yourself is TAKING CARE OF NATURE.

The more we shop responsibly and make a switch to eco friendly and sustainable products like organic masks, organic food, disposable food containers, bamboo toothbrushes, compostable bags etc, the more we are reducing the environmental stress.

So, remember to watch your carbon footprint and reduce waste and pollution as much as you can. Then only our planet will lead a stress free disease free life. 

3. Exercise and Stay fit

Flushing sinus,yoga and pranayam


The pandemic has underlined the necessity of staying fit. Studies have proved that there’s a direct link between obesity and the severity of covid19 disease. 

Like diabetes and heart disease, obesity is also a comorbidity for COVID. So, to reduce the risk we need to be healthy and for that we need to exercise regularly. 

Especially indulging in yoga and breathing exercise to energize your lungs. Studies have shown that in countries like Thailand, Singapore etc where flushing your sinuses or noses are practiced regularly, covid19 is less deadly, as some of the viruses get flushed out in the process. 

4. Social Media Detox  

Social Media Detox -EOLO

Mental health is a crucial part of physical health. Many of us are quite overwhelmed and depressed with what’s going on all over the world. 

Added to this, the work from home mantra have increased our workload making us suffer more. 

It’s all the more essential to take rest and indulge in positive things during stay at home times. Take frequent breaks from work and stay hydrated. Indulge in feel good activities like listening to music, watching happy upbeat things like comedies and nature shows. 

It’s quite natural to feel disconnected and trapped right now. Nature seems to be the answer here. Take a brisk stroll in the green – your terrace, your balcony or the local park. Not all of you may have access to nature  

Stay connected with your loved ones online and talk to them regularly. Look up at the skies and watch the stars for some time at night, that greatly boosts your morale. 

5. Get Enough Sleep

immune system boost


The most potent problem in this pandemic is inadequate sleep and stressful life. Sleep deprivation affects our brain and body. It lowers our immunity making us prone to covid19

So, reduce your night browsing time and get some sleep. Have a good nutritious stress relieving meal at night and go to bed early. 

Listen to soothing sounds like rain, river, oceans or any such things that would help you relax This along with the light meal will put you to sleep early and the more you indulge in this, the better it will be.

covid safety


As we battle the pandemic remember these practical sustainability tips and get vaccinated to take care of yourself and your loved one’s 

Stay at home. Stay safe. Take care. 

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