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Platform fee or Listing charges are Rs. 0 until Dec 31st, 2021. It’s the basic minimal fees you have to pay to sell on the platform.  Referral Fee is variable depending on the product category whereas commission is the discount that businesses get on the products when they tie up with you.  For more information, kindly email us with your product information on

We have a Dedicated Digital Advertising Team which ensures high customer reachability

After the order is placed, you will be notified to pack the products. Logistics partner will pick it up at a scheduled time.

EOLO is an eco-friendly sustainable products marketplace for all products that are Made in India and are sustainable/ organic/
biodegradable/ cruelty – free/ vegan/ plastic-free/recycled. The purpose of EOLO is not only to sell green products but also to share stories of our sustainability warriors who are striving hard to make our day-to-day lives green by creating products using alternatives of  plastic and other non-renewable resources.

Shipping charges / Collection fees are variable depending on the dimensions and location.
Discounted collection fee valid till July 31st, 2021 as below
Collection Fee = Flat Rs.15 

Yes you can advertise your products on banners, featured products and on sale product categories as well as on our social media platforms, at a minimal/nominal charge.

You can share your bulk order product catalogue with pricing and product images on An agreement will be signed between EOLO and the selling party for a bulk order plan which will be different from selling your products in retail.

Yes, we showcase organic, chemical free, certified vegetables and groceries on our platform. Uncertified products must be pesticide free.

Shipping charges to be borne by the seller in case of damaged, broken or expired products.
Shipping charges to be borne by customer in case of mistakenly ordered wrong products
Shipping charges to be borne by seller  in case of apparel, footwear size change returns and replacements

The seller cannot use their own shipping.

We follow the shipping and return policies as given below Shipping Policy – Refund Policy –

To list your products on our website follow the instructions given below.
Fill the sell with us form .or email your inquiry at
Verify company and product details.
Sign the agreement

Benefits of Selling with us

  • Opportunity to be a part of eco-green Made in India e-commerce venture working towards Sustainable Development Goals
  • Get global exposure for your brand
  • Free Product Listing for the first year
  • Become a part of Sustainability Campaigns and a chance to increase online visibility

How to Sell with us

  • Make Made in India products
  • Make eco-friendly sustainable products in categories such as Organic, Vegan, Cruelty-free, biodegradable, recycled, solar etc.
  • Be a registered seller with a GST number.
  • Register with us and become a verified seller