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Greenberry Organics Ayurvedic Immunity Kadha

A herb drink made to perfection with the blend of most delicate, rich Indian species which give an immense taste, enhancement and improves body immunity. This blend is made within tiny batches to ensure freshness and richness of the home picked and blended spices in an organic farm setting. Soothes the throat and gives a boost to the immunity if taken regularly.

Greenberry Organics Himalayan Honey Multi – Flower Honey

Made organically in the lap of nature (The Himalayas). The purest honey comes from Apies Cerenaindica honeybee that is indigenous to Uttarakhand (India). The rich taste is naturally preserved in the glass jar. This precious honey is free from all sorts of preservatives, chemicals, pesticides & artificial sweeteners too. Enjoy its every drop.

Greenberry Organics Himalayan Honey Raw & Wild Honey

Known for its medicinal properties, the raw Himalayan honey is rich in minerals & antioxidants. Cleanses the system & strengthens the immune system. It is supposed to be taken in warm water to help keep the body fit & in shape. Zero added sugar OR preservatives.

Greenberry Organics Lakadong Powder

Charge your everyday food habit with this organically grown and procured Lakadong turmeric with ZERO adulteration and high curcumin % in each batch. The key antioxidant reduces stress and inflammation in the body. The multi-purpose organic turmeric may help ease tummy, heal pain, promote healthy skin and boost immunity.

Paushtik Harira + Paushtik Power Mix

Traditional Indian Healing Food for Mothers and Pregnant Women.

Rus Organic Blush

Rus Organic Blush 250ml

Rus Organic Crave

Rus Organic Crave 250ml

Rus Organic Mango

Rus Organic Mango 200ml

Rus Organic Onyx

Rus Organic Onyx 250ml

Rus Organic Orange

Rus Organic Orange 250ml

Rus Organic Pearl

Rus Organic Pearl 250ml

Rus Organic Ruby

Rus Organic Ruby 250ml