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An Alternative of Milk Tea Flushes Toxins Out and boosts Metabolism Safe for ALL AGE PEOPLE Easy to take, use


Anti-oxidant properties, strengthens your body’s internal defense mechanism, protects from everyday infections, cough, cold and stress, Reinforces the immune system


Helps to Boost immune System, Anti-Inflammatory, Rich source of Protein, Vitamins, Mineral, helps to reduce Cholesterol, Improves Bone Health and

Moringa Leaf Powder

 200.00 650.00
We at Kalpavruksha Natural Superfoods are excited to Bring you this all Natural superfood supplement. the leaves from the moringa tree, also known as the drumstick tree in india or moringa oleifera are loaded with nutrients! We know that you will be amazed at what nature has packed into this little leaf! no other supplement compares to the nutrient density of moringa tree leaves. nothing has been added to the tree leaves that nature didn't intend. Kalpavruksha Natural Superfoods mission is to elevate your wellness and to inspire by nature.


• Stress Buster • Maintains Blood Sugar Level • Excellent Skin Moisturiser • After Washing Of Hands Multiple Times, Use

Tasty Vera Juice

• Increases Natural Immunity • Very Excellent Results on Reducing Food Cravings • Maintains Blood Glucose Level • Aids in