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Daily Morning Essentials ( Neem Toothbrush & Neem Tongue Cleaner , 2 Vetiver Roots Loofah, Neem Detangling comb)

This ecofriendly combo contains: Vetiver Roots loofah (2) Charcoal Infused Neem Toothbrush Neem Tongue Cleaner Neem Detangling comb

Neem Detangling Comb

The BamCo’s wide tooth comb effortlessly detangle wet or dry hair. Handcrafted yet perfectly finished, the BamCo’s wide tooth Comb is made of neem tree wood hence comes with all the good qualities of Neem. It controls hair loss and dandruff if used regularly. Detangling made easier.

Neem Tail Comb

The BamCo’s Tail Comb is a hair styling tool that is used to part or section hair as well as combing it.

Neem Wooden Hair Comb for Hair Growth and Anti-Dandruff

100% Goodness of Wood Bark with added grippy handle to avoid breakage. Wooden combs are anti-static and don't make your hair frizzy. It has anti-microbial properties which remove lice and do not irritate the skin when rubbed over. Natural oils in the hair are retained and spread across evenly with specially designed smooth curved teeth. You are not only helping your hair be free and silky.