Towards a Sustainable India

EOLO lives by the principle of sustainable nature. Ours is a unique e-commerce market initiative that brings eco-friendly sustainable products from Indian artisans to the global stage. A green shopping initiative that promotes UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by supplying a global forum for Made in India sustainable/organic/biodegradable/cruelty – free/vegan/ plastic-free/ recycled products

Our purpose is to tell green stories from sustainability warriors who strive to make our day-to-day lives green by creating products from plastic free, renewable resources

Our Vision

A Sustainable Green India

Envision a country built on the concept of carbon neutral products that reduces the carbon footprint of the common man

Our Mission

To promote United Nations Sustainable
Development Goals.

To create opportunities for Indian artisans and
manufacturers working on sustainability.

Act as a bridge between India and the rest of
the world for a sustainable culture and a
value creating exchange


“Answering All Your “Why’s” With Reasons”