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5 Simple Ways We Can Celebrate Earth Day

The Earth Day is the modern day stepping stone for building consensus and mobilizing people for environmental action.

  • In 1969, California witnessed a devastating oil spill which made people realize the extent of environmental pollution and since then the journey to raise awareness started. 
  • The first earth day started a few months later in 1970 to achieve certain goals like educating people about environmental issues and conserving nature.
  • 50 years later it has grown into a massive movement which has mobilized 1 billion people from 190+ countries. 

Every year, we celebrate Earth Day on April 22 with several events to raise awareness and change our daily habits to reduce environmental impact. This year, the theme of Earth day is Restore Our Earth which seeks to not only reduce the effect of climate change and global warming but also reduce the harm done by the Covid19 pandemic. 

So, let’s see how we can celebrate Earth day with simple acts of sustainability and be the changemakers 

1.Look After the Greens, Plant More Trees

Earth Day Plantable Products

For every paper based stationery we use, a tree loses its life. Whether it’s a notebook, a diary, a pencil, a calendar or a pen – we are losing trees every time we use them. Planting trees is a good act to counter this but much more than that we need to protect our greens  

For a seed we will be planting today, it will take years to grow up to be a tree. So, we need to combine plantation efforts with conservation efforts. 

This might sound complex and unachievable for the common folk but we too can drive the change just by switching to eco-friendly plantable stationeries. 

  • These plantable paper, pencil, pen, calendar etc are made in an eco-friendly way from bamboo and other materials which is completely biodegradable in nature.
  • Also they are embedded with seeds so we can plant it after usage which will grow up to be a tree.

That’s saving 2 trees per item. 

So, why not indulge in this kind of change rather than just planting once a year on Earth day? Cool isn’t it?

2. Save Water, Use Ecofriendly Kitchenware

Sustainable kitchenware Earth Day

Eco-friendly disposable utensils made of areca leaf and sugarcane bagasse.  waste and plastic free living

We waste tons of water in washing dishes and utensils. Moreover, we release toxic detergent and chemicals into the environment which further pollute the waterbodies. This is harmful both to us and to the marine creatures. 

We might think disposable kitchenware is an easy solution but it proves to be a catastrophe for our ocean. The ocean is filled with plastic cups, plates, spoons etc which enter into the body of marine creatures like fishes, squids etc and when we eat them those microplastics enter our body. 

In fact, studies have shown the presence of micro plastics in pregnant women and their unborn foetus. 

The only way to stop this plastic and chemical pollution is to make a switch to eco-friendly sustainable kitchenware. 

  • We can use earthen utensils and eco-friendly glass items for storage and cooking in our kitchen.
  • For serving food we can use eco-friendly disposable plates and cutleries like those made with areca leaf, sugarcane bagasse or bioplastic.
  • These are made in an energy efficient way without using too much water and electricity and are biodegradable, degrading within 45-60 days.
  • Moreover we can use this as a compost for our kitchen garden.

That’s one energy efficient sustainable kitchen idea that we should try out on earth day.

3. Waste Management

earth day compostable bag

The key to sustainable life is not just reducing waste but effectively segregating it. We can’t just throw our waste in a trash bag and think our work is complete 

We need to collect dry waste, wet waste and compostable waste separately.

The compostable ones can be recycled and reused as compost for your garden. 

  • These bags are eco-friendly and biodegradable made with corn and other such products.

So, by replacing our usual plastic trash bags with compostable ones turns your waste a little less toxic and pollution inducing. 

4. Go Organic

organic products earth day

organic food, clothes, cosmetics, masks, skincare, beauty and bathing products

All the items we use in life including the food we eat and the clothes we wear comes with a loss of processing and manufacturing which requires huge quantities of water. Most of this also contains a range of chemicals which are quite toxic for our health and the health of the planet. 

However, we can eradicate these harmful effects to the environment by using organic products which are naturally made from bio components. 

  • We can eat organically grown vegetables, fruits and spices.

So let’s make the switch now and lead a pollution free life. 

5. Use Eco-friendly Health Products

earth day ayurvedic health products

Lastly, we need to take care of our health in an eco-friendly way. The protein shakes and health supplements are highly processed and contain artificial preservatives and additives, sugars etc making it unhealthy for us and the planet. 

Why not look at our age old traditional health supplements and potions like the kadhas or the Ayurvedic immunity boosters. 

  • They are natural and come with antimicrobial and antiseptic properties of herbs and other plants which aren’t processed much. 
  • They rarely react with  your body and cause any side effects.
  • Moreover, they don’t need heavy processing so no wastage of water or electricity

So, keep yourself healthy with these instead of those conventional health supplements.

carbon footprint earth day

These are some of the ways to celebrate Earth Day this year.

Just remember our goal should be long term.

To Restore the  Earth to its primitive condition where it wasn’t ailing with climate change and global warming.

And the only way to do this is to reduce our ecological footprint and carbon footprint by making life Sustainable and Eco-friendly! 

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