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5 Reasons To Buy Plantable Products

plantable products

90% of the products we purchase in our day-to-day life ends up in landfill and takes years to degrade. So, with every product we are using we are creating a junkyard that’s killing 2 lives per product – one that goes into making it and one that creates the landfill. Hence years of pollution and destruction of life comes from a single notepad, calendar, pen or pencil that we use in our daily life. 

Hence, the necessity of plantable products, specially plantable stationeries and office supplies. Let’s take a look how they make a difference and why you should opt for them.

1.Made in Waste Free Chemical Free Process

Plantable products are created without harming any environment or killing any living things like trees and they don’t use any chemicals 

What does this mean?

This means that these plantable seed papers, pencils, calendars, envelopes or other products neither harm the environment nor do they  cause deforestation. So using them reduces harmful chemicals in the environment and increases trees on the planet

2. Reduces Waste

Plantable products like seed papers, pencils etc. are made from recycled materials. Thus reducing the waste generated by you. 

What does it mean?

This means that plantable products are a 2 way street of reducing waste. The apparent waste reduction comes with its ability of not ending up as a toxic landfill but is used to give rise to new life on the planet and the other one is reducing waste by recycling the waste while making it. 

3. Saves Life

A plantable product can save lives as they put new trees on the planet and prevent deforestation by using things made by cutting down trees. 

What does it mean?

Plantable products like seed paper, pens, pencils, envelopes etc come with seeds embedded on them which can germinate into a healthy plant when planted. So, with every plantable product you are putting 2 trees on the planet – one that you prevented from being cut down (if you had the conventional product) and one that you are going to plant. These 2 trees will be the basis of many creatures in the ecosystem including. So, that’s saving lives. It’s your best bet to save a life. Not just human life but all kinds of life. 

4. Biodegradable & Reduces Pollution

Unlike conventional stationeries, plantable products are completely biodegradable as they easily degrade without leaving any trace. Thus the pollution of land, ocean and air is reduced. 

What does this mean?

Have you seen that documentary of birds on an island dying of pollution and their stomach is found to be filled with papers, pens and other such things. Well, that won’t happen in case of plantable products as most of the product will grow up to be a plant and then rest will degrade, without leaving any trace, causing no pollution. 

5. Reduces Carbon Footprint

The carbon footprint of a product is the greenhouse gas emitted by the production and processing of it. Since plantable products are made in an energy efficient way by recycling waste and without the use of any toxic chemicals its carbon footprint is far less than the original.

What does it mean?

This means that plantable products can reduce your daily carbon footprint in 2 ways. First by reducing the individual carbon footprint of the product and second by adding oxygen to the environment when you plant it. Thus you are not just taking care of the carbon footprint of the moment but also of the future as well. It’s a long term beneficial footprint of your daily life.

Hence plantable products act as a double edged sword in many ways to save the planet and the creatures in it. It’s an ultimate way to leave your footprint behind on earth without leaving a trace of yourself.

plantable products

Remember that saying ‘the Earth is on a loan from the future not an inheritance from the past’. Well, plantable products are just that.

It’s an investment loan for your future and not a quick fix solution for your present.

It’s the Tenet of your daily life. Just like the Christopher Nolan film, here too you are moving both backwards and forwards in your present time to save the planet by using these products. 

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